When Spam Gets Expensive: How To Spot Fake “Invoices”

Nowadays it is more likely to find unsolicited messages in your email inbox, rather than your physical mailbox. But that isn’t always the case. Business owners and non-profits are still targeted for mailing scams and unless you know what to look for, they could cost you a lot of money.

Fake invoices look extremely realistic.

Several Spotted Monkey clients have been mailed fraudulent invoices from unknown companies. These “invoices” look very real, often asking money for a marketing service that the client already uses, like web hosting or advertising. They are meant as an advertisement. But if you don’t already know who handles your web hosting or marketing, the “invoices” can seem very real and you may end up paying money for services you’re already paying for.

If you do receive an “invoice” from a company you don’t know, whether it’s paper or an email, do not pay it. Even if you recognize the service you’re billed for, do not pay it. Contact Spotted Monkey, or whomever handles your marketing, to verify the bill. We will be able to determine if the invoice is fake.

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