Muncie Loves Teachers is Live!

If you read the local news, you may have already heard about the Muncie Schools Reduction Plan. In short, teachers are required to pay the school system $700,000 in back insurance premiums during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. That means hefty paycheck deductions, and many teachers are feeling the financial burden negatively affect their family life.

As a response to the crisis, 5th grade teacher Pat McRory and community activist Matt Bloom created the Muncie Loves Teachers program. The goal was to make an easy way to step up and help those whose work is at the heart of the Muncie community. Spotted Monkey was lucky to be one of the local companies involved with making the program a reality.

Teachers enrolled in Muncie Loves Teachers can receive PayPal donations from anyone who would like to donate. If the thought of publicly coming forward about financial need is daunting, there is also an option to enroll anonymously. Family, friends and community members can donate to any teachers on the registry.

To do our part for the cause, we donated the domain and website hosting services and have started Facebook page for the program. Farmhouse Creative and Tailored Technologies donated the web design and logo, respectively. It is an honor to be able to help Muncie teachers, who are really the backbone of our community.

The website will remain live until June, when the paycheck deductions will end.

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