LinkedIN for Financial Advisors

Social Media Marketing for Financial Services

Social Media Marketing for Financial Services

In one sense, nothing about the process of selecting a financial advisor, accountant or other financial consultant has ever changed.

However, everything about the tools clients use to form impressions of consultants has changed in the social media age.

The traditional model for seeking clients still works. It is still beneficial to network face-to-face by joining boards, attending service club meetings (such as Rotary), being an active member in a referral marketing group (such as BNI), etc. The goal of course is to secure warm referrals and convert them to business leads. This is an important and vital component of your marketing strategy.

Here’s what has changed. While it used to be sufficient to have memberships to in-person networking associations, there is a new “club” that has asserted itself in recent years as the primary source for respected financial advisors. It’s called LinkedIn.

Here’s what the client’s journey often looks like today, from the client’s point of view:

  • Step 1 (Need Awareness): Financial tips shared on LinkedIn clued me in on the need for a consultant.
  • Step 2 (Consultant Search): I began searching online for advisors in my area.
  • Step 3 (Industry Research): I glanced at a few websites and some of them looked very professional.
  • Step 4 (Peer Research): I asked friends about the advisors I found and many of them confirmed that you were a good choice.
  • Step 5 (Consultant Research): I looked you up specifically, skimmed your website again and looked at your LinkedIn profile. You looked like someone I could work with.
  • Step 6 (Passive Contact): I forgot for a while that I had meant to talk with someone about my financial situation. I wasn’t quite ready to call, but that’s when I connected with you on LinkedIn so I’d remember you.
  • Step 7 (Active Contact): I kept seeing your posts and thinking, “I need to give him/her a call!” Well, it feels like such a chore to pick up the phone these days, as long as I was on LinkedIn I looked up your contact info and emailed you.
  • Step 8 (Consultation): Thanks for meeting with me today!

It isn’t typical for every new client to have this much awareness of the process they follow when choosing a financial services provider, but there’s a reason why 62% of financial advisors actively prospecting on LinkedIn over the past year converted new clients from that process.

Let us help you use this powerful tool to grow your financial services business. Questions about your social media marketing or LinkedIN? We are happy to help!  Let’s set up a consultation today.


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