Stained Glass Hands is Now Open for Business

Give the gift of memory with a unique stained glass hand tracing, from Stained Glass Hands!

Stained Glass Hands is a new artisanal glass company started by head craftsman and owner Al Holdren along with Spotted Monkey Marketing. Al has been working with stained glass for years, producing stained glass windows, interior decor, sun-catchers and more. He donates much of his time and art to charity and is the president of Secret Families. His family has also been very involved in the company.

Stained Glass Hands is just that: a stained glass hand tracing of your hand or a loved one’s hand. These unique keepsakes make great presents for any birthday, holiday or anniversary, as well as stylish home decor and beautiful sun-catchers. Celebrate the birth of a new child with a glass tracing of their hand, a precious reminder of how small they were once they are grown. Or memorialize the passing of a loved one with a beautiful glass hand that will never fade away.

You can order your own Stained Glass Hand by mail or at  They come in three colors and can be shipped anywhere, even to relatives overseas. If you have any questions, please email or call the Spotted Monkey office at 765.273.7730 and leave a message for Ashli or Al.

If you are a daycare, boutique shop, funeral home or if you would like to be a partner with Stained Glass Hands, contact us here.

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